Sharing Events with a Global Audience


Sharing Events with a Global Audience

Multilingual company blog for Ticmate.


Dec 2018

Ticmate is a well-known European company selling tickets to experiences around Europe. They needed to modernize their blog, where they write about fun experiences.

As their brand evolves the old blog fell out of date. They came to us with two goals:

  1. Update the visual experience to match the new branding
  2. Improve the translation workflow for their many languages.

For a blog, WordPress is hardly ever a bad choice. There was no reason to change from it now either, especially considering their editors’ experience with the platform.

First, we set out to update the visual experience to match the main company website. As part of this, we were also able to modernize the editing experience behind the scenes to take advantage of the latest page editor (Gutenberg) in WordPress.

Also, the new translation engine lets Ticmate send their English posts for translation into their many other local languages. Translators receive notice and can proceed to translate and publish the posts in their own languages.

The resulting blog blends seamlessly with the overall Ticmate branding. Compared to their old blog, the updated translation workflow saves considerable time as editors are able to work faster and more efficiently.

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