Website and course catalog

Enskilda Högskolan Stockholm

Website and course catalog

EHS is one of the most respectable institutions in northern Europe on theology and human rights. Effective communication is central to its work.


Nov 2020

With a long history of education in both theology and human rights, Enskilda Högskolan Stockholm attracts students, teachers and scholars from all over the world.

Especially for a higher education institution, communication towards many target groups who want to find different information is in focus. This places high demands on a website that must support a large amount of content. At the same time it must be easy for the visitor to find what they are looking for.

EHS knew exactly what they wanted to have on their site and had done work to structure it already. Based on what EHS wanted, Bernskiold Media developed the design and technology.

Central to a college is education. Every year, a large number of courses are offered at EHS. The course catalogue is an important tool. For students to plan their education and for staff to administer and plan their activities.

At the same time, a good course catalogue needs to be tailored to the daily usage. Bernskiold Media built a custom course catalogue on the website.

Where previously only individual administrators could manage the course catalogue in a specific software, the entire staff can now access and collaborate equally well wherever they are. From their computer, mobile or tablet.

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