Uniting Swedish Christian Churches in Faith and Action

Swedish Christian Council

Uniting Swedish Christian Churches in Faith and Action

Bespoke website with modern design and clear structure.


Dec 2018

The Swedish Christian Council, SKR, had been well-served with their old website for many years, but felt it was due for a big refresh. Content had grown and the web has had many innovations that make it simpler for users.

As the content on the old site grew, finding content become increasingly hard for users. Hierarchical levels spanning many levels down meant that an overview was hard to get.

From a design point-of-view we were asked to both modernize the look-and-feel, and enhance the user experience. From being accessible friendly to performant and looking good.

As an organization that works with their website a lot, SKR also wanted to enhance and improve the workflow for their editors. Saving time while producing higher-quality content allows SKR to publish more content. This in turn makes a greater difference in the society.

A good information architecture helps visitors understand the content better, and helps the organization communicate effectively. Behind every great website is a clear and intuitive structure.

We worked very hard with the team at SKR to simplify their deep and broad array of pages. The new information architecture clearly focuses on the key audiences. It is visitor first, instead of organization first.

By making it clear what content belongs where means that users are able to more quickly find what they are looking for. Higher engagement means a greater possibility to communicate effectively.

Clear sections also simplifies the workflow for editors. A clear structure is easier to keep organized and means time can be well-spent on what’s important.

For the frontend design, we opted for a contemporary and warm design. With bright, yet warm colors you are greeted to a friendly face of an organization gathering 27 different churches in Sweden.

The website is powered by WordPress, the world’s most popular content management system. Its modular approach allows us to build not only pages that look great for users, but are easy to manage as well.

For the editors at SKR, building pages through a library of bespoke components means that they are free to build complex and engaging pages that look great.

The reception of the new design and website for SKR was met with overwhelming positive feedback. Analytics shows higher engagement as they are able to better find relevant content.

The team at SKR too are able to consistently publish high-quality content. From opinion pieces, to informational content and content targeted at the press. Communication for the entire organization is made simple and effective.

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