Internal learning platform


Internal learning platform

An online e-learning platform for BAV, WPP's brand analytics platform.


Apr 2021

WPP came to us with an interesting challenge. They were launching a new brand analytics platform, BAV, across their group and needed a way to teach people globally about its concepts in a simple but engaging way.

We came up with the concept of the BAV Academy, an online learning portal consisting of a series of short training modules.

The resulting training modules are the result of great collaboration between WPPs team of copywriters, art directors and graphic designers.

The online platform that we built lets WPP editors add and manage a growing list of training modules easily across 7 different languages. From English to Chinese.

By integrating the BAV Academy tightly with WPP’s single-sign on service, Okta, we were able to give its 130 000 employees easy access to it without needing an extra password.

Since its launch, we’ve worked closely with WPP and BAV to extend the academy further, both with additional training modules and with live and on-demand webinars.

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