A small team creating big things

Bernskiold Media is a digital studio that creates ambitious websites, web and business applications that lets your business grow and makes your users happy.

Workshop on Digital Strategy

We like solving problems.

You’ll often hear us say “tell us your problems and we’ll fix them”.

We like solving problems. For over a decade we’ve helped companies around the world to solve business problems with smart digital solutions.

Put simply, we build websites, business applications and offer our advise to help our clients grow and make their users happy.

Striving to be leaders.

Our goal is to be leading experts in all the technologies that we work with, such as WordPress and Laravel.

We want our user interfaces to use the latest thinking, our code to be elegant and our strategy grounded in deep experience.

To underscore this, we create open source products, take part in conferences, share our experience in online courses and publish professional articles.

How we work

We’re not your typical agency. Over the years we’ve developed a particular way of working. We think you’ll like it.

This is us.

Erik Bernskiöld

Erik Bernskiöld

CEO & Partner

Ann Lickander