Experiencing a Golf Course Online

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Experiencing a Golf Course Online

Creating a bespoke, mobile friendly course guide in WordPress.


May 2018

Albatross Golf Club had recently switched suppliers of their course guide. For golfers, a course guide is an indispensable tool that allows you to get a birds-eye view of a hole before you play it. It lets you plan your strategy for every hole.

The new course guide, while having beautiful graphics, didn’t have an online version.

For any golf club, having the course guide easily accessible online is an important service. Members want to be able to keep up to date, while guests want to be able to plan their round ahead of time and get a feel for the course.

Albatross Course Guide

Albatross Golf Club already has a fantastic WordPress website that we created for them a few years back. Adding the course guide was then a trivial matter, thanks to how easy it is to create bespoke plugins in WordPress.

The staff at Albatross are able to keep the course guide updated by easily adding the holes, their graphics and details, and assigning them to a course.

Visitors on the other hand, can easily browse through all the holes of the three courses available at the club in an intuitive interface. The course guide of course looks equally good on computers, tablets and smartphones. It’s so easy you could even use it on the course while playing.

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