Self-service customer portal and booking system


Self-service customer portal and booking system

CRM integrated booking system and self-service customer portal for education company Astrakan.


Apr 2022

Astrakan helps businesses succeed with change and business development through courses and professional programs. They’ve been in business since 1996 and they constantly look for ways to be more efficient while delivering even better service to their customers.

One major pain point for Astrakan has been managing bookings for their courses and programs. Education can be a complex array of prerequisites and as the student count grows Astrakan felt a need to streamline this process.

After helping Astrakan move to the Salesforce CRM system and helping them get a 360 view of their customers, we were ready to streamline operations further.

We developed a self-service customer portal called My Astrakan where customers can easily book courses and see all engagement with Astrakan. The new portal puts information front-and-center for customers who are able to do more things easily themselves without contacting Astrakan.

The portal and booking system reduces tedious manual processes by intuitively helping users get it right, and taking business rules into account automatically.

It’s not just about streamlining internal operations either. The self-service access means that customers are always in the know of their courses with information available at their fingertips, instead of searching through crowded inboxes or filing systems.

My Astrakan integrates fully with Salesforce. This means that while customers interact with the portal, internally at Astrakan they only need to work inside of Salesforce, simplifying operations further.

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