Making hospital churches discoverable

Swedish Christian Council

Making hospital churches discoverable

Website for Sjukhuskyrkan (The Hospital Church) an umbrella for the work that different churches in Sweden do at hospitals.


Jan 2021

We’ve been working with the Swedish Christian Council for years and when the time came to give the website for the Swedish Hospital Church a refresh we were of course happy that they came back to us.

The Swedish Christian Council, like many of our clients, have a wider organization and a need for multiple websites. Our Company Cloud platform supports them in a shared infrastructure and editing experience, while giving each website the complete flexibility that it deserves.

Together with the Swedish Christian Council and the Hospital Church we did an inventory of all content that they had. The new content structure puts the user in the center, letting them find information easily.

Many may reach the Hospital Church only when they are in need. Either for themselves or a loved one. Ease of use and discoverability is crucial.

We also created a listing of all Hospital Churches that visitors can easily search for and discover. The dynamic listing offers information about each hospital church at a glance and makes it easy to get in touch.

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