Booking a Relaxing Stay in Unique Glass Cabins

West Sweden Tourist Board

Booking a Relaxing Stay in Unique Glass Cabins

Gorgeous, bespoke booking system for the 72 Hour Cabins campaign.


Sep 2017

Our longtime client, the West Swedish Tourist Board was collaborating with Visit Sweden on a campaign called the “72 Hour Cabins“.

In the campaign, stressed people from around the world stayed in a small cabin in the Dalsland nature in West Sweden for 72 hours, while being monitored. The result? Much lower stress levels.

After the initial study, these cabins were to open to everyone. Here, the West Sweden Tourist Board needed a system to handle the bookings.

Because the cabins are spread out over multiple locations and companies, it needed to integrate flexibly on multiple websites, while keeping with the campaign branding.

Because the 72 Hour Cabins is such a specific product that’s also part of a campaign, a standard off-the-shelf system wouldn’t do. We needed to develop a bespoke booking system just for the campaign.

The system, built on WordPress, allows editors to set up availability per location and for specific dates which visitors can then find and book online. All bookings are then sent on to the individual locations for confirmation and handling.

A major part of any campaign is how well it looks and comes together with the rest of the campaign. We were able to design the booking system to fully embrace the graphical profile of Sweden, from typefaces to colors.

From a visitor point of view, the campaign is one smooth experience that is tailored to booking one of the 72 Hour Cabins specifically.

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