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Your Digital Transformation Doesn’t Need to Be Disruptive

Cityscape in the Nighttime

It’s no secret that I love digital tools and how using them right helps businesses succeed smarter. But something is nagging me about ‘digital transformation’. It’s that it needs to be disruptive.

Arguably, digital transformation is more about embracing the possibilities of ubiquitous computing power to better serve customers. Even digital companies who have said to have transformed a business have really only embraced new technology faster than the rest of the industry.

Take Uber. Today, many taxi companies offer booking experiences via apps and a customer service better than before. That’s one of the things Uber brought to the table. Through technology, it was able to create a superior customer experience than the competition.

Uber isn’t the only example. Similar cases can be made for hotels, travel and soon almost any industry.

What digital transformation is about is being smart about new technology. Use it to deliver greater value to your customers. That’s what disrupters have been doing.

Combine a physical and digital experience. Use the advantages of “new” and “old” together.

Today your competitors might be early-adopters of digital. Tomorrow the challenge will be called something else.

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