4 Things An Effective Landing Page Needs To Do

Over the last couple of years we have began talking much more about the concept of landing pages. These types of pages are narrowly targeted to specific search keyword and their primary goal is to have the user complete some simple action, such as making a purchase.

An effective landing page needs to do four things in order to convert well and convince a visitor to become a customer.

1. Explain the offering

It may seem obvious, but you should be surprised at the amount of landing pages that do not explain the offering properly. Take care in explaining what you are offering the visitor, and describe it completely and exhaustively.

Both a more general overview (for the lazy reader who needs less convincing) and a more in-depth text (for the interested visitor) are two good ways to reach different types of people effectively.

2. Appeal to Emotions

We humans make decisions based on emotions. If we eventually feel good about an item, we will buy it. If not, we won’t. Realizing that (irrational) emotions are at play, you need to focus on creating a good feeling.

One of the reasons we like brand products are because they have created an emotional connection with us. We feel connected with the brand because it has a personality that matches the way we think about ourselves. By appealing at this very base-level to our potential customers, it is easier to convince them to make the purchase.

3. Build Trust

No voluntary transaction is ever done if there is no trust. Everything you are doing is about building trust with a visitor. Different visitors may require different amounts of persuading that you are trustworthy.

To build trust you should consider a few tried-and-tested methods. Firstly, the whole design and layout of the page will convey some type of seriousness. With a good, honest description of your offering, the visitor will begin to trust you even more.

By showing off testimonials from real previous customers you can continue to build on that rapport. Testimonials are an excellent way to say that hey, these real people also trust us.

Remember, the visitor might never have heard about you before and are just visiting your website. It makes sense that they are a bit sceptical. Your successful landing page needs to reassure them that you are indeed trustworthy.

4. Close The Sale

Often forgotten, especially in sales by small business owners, is asking for the sale. You might do a great job at explaining what you can do, but if you don’t take the process to the end what good does all the other effort do? Just stating “So, let’s proceed by doing X” is a way to clearly ask for the sale and close it.

Make sure there are clear call to actions on your page and ensure that different types of people who are convinced to buy from you at different stages of the page are all catered for.

What Are Your Best Landing Page Tricks?

Share with us, what are the most effective tricks that you have employed on your website and your landing pages that have yielded great results? Perhaps something that you didn’t expect to work, or maybe something that you were convinced about that failed miserably? We’d love to hear them all!