Why You Don’t Need To Blog On Your Company Website

So, you are talking to a web agency about updating your website and have heard about this blog thing (which granted by now is not exactly a new concept). All said and done, when the new site is finished you have a shiny new blog as part of your site. One year later, it still doesn’t have any posts.

This scenario isn’t exactly unusual. We see this happening a lot, both in websites that we later re-design, but also in clients. Companies feel they need to have a blog, but then have no time to update it.

If you want to have a blog on your company website, you’d better be prepared to maintain it. Having a blog can do wonders for your company’s online brand, but only if it is regularly updated (consistency trumps anything).

Nothing makes alarm bells go off for potential customers, than seeing that the blog is never updated. It projects a stale image of a company that perhaps shouldn’t be trusted. Quite the opposite effect of what you are trying to achieve.

Be honest with yourself. Not all people have the interest to produce content, to write, and that is ok! First and foremost, you signed up to do the thing that you’re in business for. If you have the money, hiring someone to help you with this can be lucrative, but if not, just skip having a blog and don’t worry about it. You’ll be fine.

Image: Flickr/Alejandro Pinto