Digital Marketing

Keeping Your Site Up To Date. A Constant Update Strategy

I’ve previously written about keeping your site technically up to date to make sure you don’t get hacked. Today I want to turn to another aspect that many also neglect. While many companies want a gorgeous company website, they do very little work to evolve it over time, instead doing complete refreshes from time to time.

This is highly inefficient.
Your company probably evolves slowly over time. You change things, you figure out ways to improve which means that what you want to project to your potential customers also changes over time.

Yet, most company websites don’t. For these reasons, I firmly believe that it is much better for a company to not forget about their website but do updates continuously. Not only will it be cheaper than complete overhauls, but you benefit from the constant marginal updates quicker.

If you use an analytics based approach, you will use the website statistics and the vast range of very affordable analytical tools out there to find out where your website is underperforming against your goals, and do something about it right away.

It is 2015 so it hardly needs saying, but your website is an integral part of your marketing strategy and needs to be treated as something that evolves alongside your business. All the time. Not just once every few years. If you do this right, I promise you better online success.