Digital Marketing

When You Struggle to Blog, Start Reading!

Blogging is tricky. At one point or another, most of us give up and blame time. We don’t have time to blog. The fact of the matter is, we probably have more than enough time, we just don’t have the inspiration or topics and coming up with them seems like a sisyphean task.

A great solution to this is to start reading. Don’t just read other blogs, but books. I challenge you to read a full book without it sparking several ideas. Perhaps it is comments in the book that you have your own opinion about, agreements or disagreements. Perhaps the book just sparks that magical thought about something different.

Reading makes us look at the world from a different perspective and usually, that’s what sparks the most interesting ideas and in turn, gives you ideas for blog posts.

So if you are struggling with finding new topics (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?), spend some extra time reading books and articles and see if you don’t find yourself with a plethora of new ideas quickly.