How do I create a form?

Creating a new form is done under the Forms section of the admin panel. Navigate to Forms > New Form.

A pop-up will appear, asking you to enter a title and optional description. Enter a descriptive title and click the Create Form button to proceed.

Titles and descriptions can be shown publicly if you want

You can control when adding a form to a page if you want to show the title and/or the description. If you opt not to, the title will only ever be shown in the forms list to help you distinguish between forms.

Adding fields to the form

To build your form, choose between the available fields in the right column.

Clicking on a field type will add it to the bottom of the form. You can also drag-and-drop it anywhere you want in the list of fields.

Configuring field options such as label

By clicking on each field, you can configure a range of options. Different field types have different options.

The most common options can be found under the General tab. Under the Appearance tab you can control various display options such as size, visibility and placeholder text. The advanced tab lets you, among other things, enable conditional form logic.

Adding a confirmation message

By default, users see a generic “Thank you” message when submitting the form. You can change this to:

  • Your own message.
  • A redirect to a page on the website.
  • A redirect to any URL on the web.

Most often, you’d want to use a text message as a confirmation.

You can find the confirmations under Settings > Confirmations.