Your Call To Action Should Be Everywhere

When designing what today is most commonly known as landing pages the question usually arises where to place the call to action of the page. The answer, quite simply, is everywhere. Let me elaborate a little on why and what I mean by it.

First, let’s define what a call to action is here. Essentially, your call to action is what makes the user do something on the page. Whether this is signing up for a service, getting in touch with you, or something completely different your call to action is something that makes the user do something you want them to.

Different People Need Different Amount of Persuasion

Your landing page is designed and optimized to make people convert (complete your call to action). What you should note here is that different visitors will need different amounts of persuasion depending on their stage in the buying process.

For example, one visitor may already know a lot about your company, needing little persuasion that you are the right company. He might however need more persuasion in the product.

In contrast, another visitor might know everything about the particular product, but because he/she is comparing you against a competitor need more convincing that your company is the best one.

These are just two examples to highlight the important principle: That different people might decide at different points on your page.

Different Decision Points = Many Call To Actions

Luckily, there is a very simple way of optimizing for these different decision points. You put in more call to actions (Note though that they should have the exact same message). Make it possible and easy for visitors to sign up for your service at the point where they themselves have decided that they want to do so.

While you might argue that too many call to actions could seem desperate you can mitigate the risk by making them genuine in wording and seem helpful overall. The key is to find a good balance. When in doubt, don’t err on the side of caution because chances are another call to action in a logical place will only boost your conversion rate rather than making you seem desperate for the sale.

As is often forgotten, especially by small businesses, don’t forget to ask for the sale. Add many call to actions.