What’s the goal of your website?

It is often surprising how many companies and individuals create a website/have a website created, never in the process thinking about why they are doing it. While it is true that every company today needs a website, you still need to have a specific goal with yours.

“Sell more” is not enough

If you are any kind of business everything is eventually going to boil down to the fact that you want to sell more, and earn more money. After all, this is what businesses are for. However, for a website goal, this is not enough (unless maybe you are an online store).

One of the many things that the web offers, compared to traditional media, is being able to instantly measure your results and set metrics that you can quickly act on. The more specific your goals are, the better you can take advantage of this.

Many company websites will not translate directly to customer conversion and sales online. This simply because of the way the company works. It may well be a part in the process leading to signing a new customer but unlikely the only. For these, it is hard to have “sell more” as a goal. Rather, in these cases, you would be looking at increasing your general visibility and by way of this, eventually reach more customers.

Setting Expectations Right

The main reason why I bring this topic up, is that you set your expectations right. Many clients come in with the expectation that their website is some sort of magic piece of technology that will magically result in a lot of business—and are disappointed when it does not.

Having thought through what the purpose of your website is going to be, and the goal of it in terms of your business, is going to make any website creation process easier and will ultimately deliver a much more superior result.