Digital Marketing

How Videos Boost Your Marketing

Over the past years as internet speeds worldwide have increased, videos have taken a more and more prominent place on the web. Videos of course have a safe spot in your marketing arsenal too. They have the ability to greatly enhance your marketing.

We humans love another face

True for both photos and videos alike, we humans all love to see another friendly human face. If a human is smiling towards us, we will start projecting those feelings too.

For marketing purposes, having a human face there means we can see someone with whom we can connect. Someone that can be just like us and validate that the product or service is for us.

Videos appear honest

We can lie with text. We can lie with photos. Videos however appear more trustworthy. You and me both know that you can lie with videos too, but it is less common and less likely. We at least believe, that by seeing and hearing another human in a video we can evaluate the trust.

From a marketing point of view, trust is everything. Without trust and a connection, you will not close the sale however much you try. Videos are great at gaining trust. Use them.

Smartphone filming a concert.
With smartphones, videos are more ubiquitous than ever before.

Voices convey information and emotion

Excellent copywriters do their best to convey their information beautifully in text. They succeed. However, even the best copywriters can’t win the game against an actual human speaking in a video.

Our voices contain much more tonality than text ever will. In combination with the occasional face, a video is able to show the full spectra of emotion. This helps to gain trust and make that ever so important connection.

Movement catches our attention

At the core of our human behavior is attention to movement. During evolution it has been good for us humans to notice moving things and to this day it is still something that is effective at catching our attention.

In marketing attention is hard to come by. We fight with so many other things to get the attention of our prospective customers. Once we have it, we need to keep their interest for as long as possible. Videos help.

Videos are going to grow in 2017

During all of 2016 we have seen videos increasing in popularity. Facebook has continued to promote videos in our feeds, giving video posts an extra boost in the algorithm. Instagram and Facebook are both right now tweaking both live video and the appearance of recorded video.

One thing is for sure, video has been a cornerstone in marketing this year and will be growing even more important in 2017. Don’t miss out!