Using Live Chat to Easily Gain More Customers

However much we try to make them dynamic and engaging, websites are pretty much a one-way communication channel. So, what if the customer has a question? Why not add a level of instant engagement with live chat?

Answering Questions Promptly

Traditionally we resolve to two techniques to answer customer questions about what we are selling.

  1. Be as comprehensive as possible and try to answer any possibly questions clearly.
  2. Offer an easy way to call or send an email message.

The problem with the first is that we will of course never be able to get rid of all questions. The problem with the second? If we don’t loose the customer to a competitor, we are breaking the emotional flow and immediate purchase need.

Reinitiating Customer Purchase Flow is Tricky

When the customer has sent off a message to a support desk we have broken the flow of purchase. The customer was there, ready to make a purchase. Now even if they stay loyal with us, that purchase decision will just be less prioritized when you answer.

This is one way you definitely worsen your conversion rates. You fail to provide the desired solution when the customer is ready to purchase.

Live chat is a great addition to your phone or email based support.

Live Chat: An Instant Solution

A clear solution to the problem is live chat. Instead of sending off a message and waiting, the customer remains on the site and with a quick answer can move on. We don’t break the flow.

Live chat has many more advantages though. We are able to with automated rules, capture visitor intent and prompt to help them based on behavior which we think might need help. Proactive prompts by the live chat to help guide the customer through the purchase.

Complete Tracking of Leads

If you add live chat, make sure that you connect it to your entire CRM and marketing system. You will get great value from knowing which pages your customer visited to make a purchase or when browsing.

Store the data in your CRM and open up the abilities to run highly target and segmented campaigns to key accounts. Or at the very minimum, you are able to sort issues with greater insight since you have more knowledge.

Which live chat system should I use?

There are tons of different live chat systems out there. Each with their own benefits. A few of these, we actively recommend and help customers get set up with.
The dashboard of, a powerful, free live chat client.

At the price of free Tawk is an incredible live chat system. Apps are available for mobile devices and the web interface is powerful. You can create any amount of properties (sites) on your account, which is great for multibrand companies.

If you want a non-branded version you can remove their branding for a small fee. The recommendation isn’t just because Tawk is free. It’s pretty powerful too.

Olark is one of the most popular chat systems, offering a flexible solution.


Another system is Olark. They are a bit lacking in the apps department, where they rely on IM apps instead. This doesn’t create quite the experience of a native app, and I hope they would go the route of an app of their own.

Feature-set is good and you’ll find all of the features you are looking for at Olark too. Oh, and if you are integrating it into WordPress, have a look at our Ilmenite Olark plugin. It’s the recommended one by the Olark team.

Intercom is another live chat system which is more consumer chat-like.


You’ve probably seen Intercom around too. They take a slightly different spin to the live chat system, showing if the agent is actually online or not, and how long ago one was online. This may suit some, but be a dealbreaker against for others.

Best used in tandem with their other sister-systems, Intercom is a worthy recommendation for their feature-set, albeit a bit more expensive than both Olark and Tawk.

Evaluate the three of them and decide which best fits your requirements and workflows. But do add live chat to your website and see your conversion rate increase.