Use staff photos on your website to build trust

Do you display your staff on your website? Most companies websites sadly do not. Reasons vary, and while there in a few industries are some very sound arguments for not showing photos of your staff, generally it is much better to do so.

Real human beings build trust

On websites we employ many tactics to try and build the trust we are worthy of. Simply showing that there are real humans behind the website and the organization go a very long way.

We humans are suckers. Whenever we see a photo of a smiling person our brains tell us that “hey, that’s another one of us. I trust him/her”.

Privacy Concerns

The most sound argument against displaying staff photos on an about page or contact page that I hear is privacy. Many employees don’t want their photo shared on a company website, and I understand that.

However, in most industries, the benefit is far greater than any any potential privacy issue. The privacy concern however, is not to be taken lightly on. It is important that all your employees are truly onboard with it. If they are not, don’t just force the decision on them, but help educate and show the benefit to everyone.

Your employees help create personal trust and connections with your customers.

Your employees are tremendously important, both to your organization and your customers. This is why you want to highlight them. Use this perspective to help bring everyone onboard with the idea.

It’s not just about management either

Across the board, many companies just display the management team online. While for a very large company showing all employees might simply be unfeasible, it is far more likely that you, the average customer, will be in contact with other people.

Build a connection with your website visitors and all the different departments of your company. This will make your organization seem more human. It will also give customers a more human view of who you are. When they contact you, they will be more likely to act humanly and politely, as they are dealing with another human being. A photo really does wonders.