Tracking KPIs via smart dashboards and automated reports

If you are anything like me, you know how powerful data is. How valuable it can be for your business to keep track of data. It’s just that prioritizing time to review it is tricky.

Let me give you a few of my best tips on how to stay in touch with data, without it taking too much time:

  1. Set up automated reports that arrive every week, month or quarter in your inbox. That way you are automatically reminded to browse through. And that quick glance is often all that’s needed.
  2. Create aggregated business intelligence dashboards. These can display the right data for the right group of people. Display on screens at the office, or keep a bookmark for easy access on your devices.

Combine these two and you’ll have a powerful analytics process. With the automated reports you get a periodic view of performance. Dashboards give you up-to-date current information. Both are easy to modify as needs change.

Few businesses need to go “all in” and transform to a complete data driven workflow. But make no mistake. There are big wins in using data to drive decisions. Collecting, analyzing and staying on top of core business data is important for the growth of the business.

This post originally was sent as the october edition of our insights newsletter to our clients. Sent once a month, it gives our clients the condensed, key insights that they need in digital marketing.