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Top 3 Reasons Why Your Company Needs A Monthly Newsletter

Do you think that email is dead? Think again! Well-crafted newsletters and mailings are among the best converting marketing materials that you can employ. And there are a number of easily explained and powerful reasons as to why.

It doesn’t matter either if you are a small business providing consulting projects, or if you are an online store selling more standard items. You can benefit alike.

So put aside your initial feelings, and follow on for the reasons why you should absolutely have a monthly newsletter.

You Keep In Touch With Your Customers and Get More Repeat Sales

In business we usually say that repeat business is so much easier than new business. And it’s true. The only way you are going to get repeat business is if you are still remembered by your customers when they need you again. This may take quite a while depending on what you are selling.

With a regular newsletter (my recommendation is monthly), you constantly force your previous customers to remember you. When it’s the right time to buy, they will of course go back to you, because you’ll be in the front of their brains.

Valuable Information Positions You as an Expert

As has been written about before in the academy here, trust is one of the two major components when we decide to purchase something. A monthly newsletter with valuable insights will position you as an expert in your industry.

Any customer would rather buy from someone who knows their thing. Your newsletter proves that to them time and time again. Plus, if you’re lucky, what you are about may even spark a thought from your customer who’ll ask for some additional services.

Target Marketing To People Who Want To Buy

Most advertising methods require you to search for a target audience to convince. Your newsletter subscribers are people who have actively opted in to hearing from you. This makes them highly targeted and helps explain why newsletters are so incredibly efficient.

After all, if someone explicitly asks that you keep them updated with promos and valuable content so that they can learn, and be reminded of you, why not do it?

Summarized: More and Easier Sales with Happy Customers

Building relationships are at the heart of doing business. A monthly newsletter, when crafted with valuable content and written in the style of your business reaches people who are already interested in you and would be ready to buy from you.

Your newsletter will strengthen these relationships and ultimately also increasing sales, with little effort on your side. So go get started on your newsletters.