Web Development

Sizzy – a browser for developers

Designing responsively is a challenge. Every change must look beautiful in many views at the same time. Practically, this means re-scaling a browser window or using something like Safari’s excellent Responsive Design Mode. But when I switch devices for the fifth time in as many minutes, it’s getting tiresome.

Then I was turned on to Sizzy. A browser where they’ve added all the features you need as a website developer.

What draw me to trying Sizzy was getting a synchronized view with many devices at the same time. One view with mobile, tablet and desktop? Count me in. Just this alone speeds up my workflow by a lot.

Other smart features in Sizzy:

  • Screenshots. Full screen. With the device frame. Without the frame.
  • Inspector that inspects all devices at the same time.
  • Simulate network speed
  • Simulate device color theme (dark/light)
  • Disable cache
  • Simple management of cookies and local storage

The engine behind is Chrome, so websites behave reliably.

Am I sold on Sizzy? Absolutely. I like having a dedicated tool for my development work. Not having to change settings all the time in my primary browsers, and being able to have many devices on screen at the same time win it for me.