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WordPress Security Audit

Even though WordPress is one of the safest platforms, many worry about their website not being secure. Is this you? We can help.

Analyze Security and Tighten Security

If you are the slightest worried about your WordPress website maybe not being as secure as it could be, we can help you analyze and secure it.

With our security audit package for WordPress, we review your website and the server it is on to present items that we think ought to be addressed.

If you want us to just fix things so that you can sleep good at night, knowing your WordPress website is secure? Without our full WordPress security package we start of with the audit to find potential issues and then fix them at a fixed rate.

WordPress really is very secure!

Fundamentally, WordPress is a very secure system. Everyone that keeps saying differently is wrong.

As with everything, it is about setting it up with care and knowledge, and more so of keeping it updated.

Plugins and themes should come out with regular updates to be good and well-managed. It is in these new version that any security issues are addressed, in addition to new features. That is why it is always crucial to update both WordPress core, plugins and themes.

If you want help with technical maintenance of your WordPress website, then maybe one of our website success plans suits you well.

Security Audit Packages

Security Audit – €350

Our security audit gives you a thorough analysis of your WordPress website security.

  • Analysis of Website
  • Analysis of Server
  • General Audit of Plugins and Themes
  • Suggestions of items to address for increased security.

Complete Security Package – €550

Our complete security package ensures the security of your WordPress website.

  • Analysis of Website
  • Analysis of Server
  • General Audit of Plugins and Themes
  • Fixes of the most common server security issues.
  • Fixes of the most common WordPress security issues
  • Potential suggestions for better plugins
  • Suggestions on additional and ongoing items