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WordPress Plugin Development

One of the reasons for WordPress growing to be the world’s largest content management system is its modular approach. It means that it is easy to add functionality to a WordPress powered website.

A Plugin Extends Your Website’s Features

WordPress can at its core do several things really well. With the right plugins, WordPress performs at its very best.

The reason is that the core of WordPress focuses heavily on creating an environment for developers to create modules (plugins) that extend the platform. Everything from enhanced features for SEO, Web Analytics and E-Commerce is readily available, amongst many others.

WordPress Plugin Directory

There Are Plenty of WordPress Plugins on the Market Today

Because WordPress is one of the world’s most used CMSs in the world, there are countless of plugins available already. Many are free, some cost money. Few have reached the status where they are used by almost everyone who creates WordPress websites. These ones, we use too of course.

Many of the most popular plugins have such a wide support in the WordPress world today that they are almost an extension of the WordPress core.

Advantages of Custom WordPress Plugins

Sometimes you need to create your own bespoke WordPress plugin. Often it is because existing plugins don’t always do exactly what you want.

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