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Social Media

Communicating with customers builds valuable relationships. On social media, it is simpler than ever to keep in close touch with your customers. Without a strategy behind, it can easily go awry, however.

Choose the Right Channels With Care

Just because there are a myriad of social media doesn’t mean you have to be on them all. 

Every channel might not suit your company and target audience. Most importantly though, we rarely have unlimited time and resources. Then, it is crucial to prioritize and find the most effective ones.

Drawing from long experience and your specific situation, we help you choose the right channels to be present in. Perhaps image and video-focused Instagram will be the best for your business. Classical Facebook might offer the best close connection that your customers expect. Maybe it is even LinkedIn with its B2B-focus that fits the bill best.

Then again. It might as well be Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, WeChat, Pinterest or another platform that does the job best. Or a combination, of course.

Regular, Tactical Campaigns

Presence in social media doesn’t just mean having an account. Building relationships with new and present customers require relevant content.

Today, the content needs to be extra useful for the customer. First when you have a strong relationship will your followers be susceptible to direct marketing campaigns.

Here we can help you in part or full to create and run campaigns on social media. From idea to material production we help you where you feel you need support and help.

Supporting Your Customers on Social Media

Regardless of which social media choose, your customers will demand help from you in these channels.

An unhappy customer who complains needs to be treated well. The customer with a question needs a quick reply so that they do not become unhappy. All this is something you automatically agree on with a social media presence.

Ensure that you are in control long before the first problem surfaces. We can assist with solutions so that you gather customer data, and have the tools to help the customer promptly.

Nothing is more annoying than hearing “call or email our customer service” when contacting a company on social media. Of course you should have the tools with which to do things the right away.