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New, free eBook: Get Your WordPress Website Loading Under 500ms in 14 Days

WordPress is one of our tools of choice whether building simpler websites for our clients, or creating more advanced apps and solutions. One of the key reason is that it is easy to get things done with it.

One of the things we often do is performance optimization for WordPress websites. This is a topic that most website owners at least need to have a conceptual understanding of and even better, be able to do something practical to combat long load times. For this reason, we have published on eBook to help you speed up the load times of your WordPress website.

Amazon, Walmart, Yahoo and Google have all increased revenue with faster websites. You should too. Follow through the 14 steps in this e-book to have your WordPress website loading in under 500ms.

Ever feel like there’s not enough time in the day? That’s why this eBook has been designed to be read one short chapter a day, for 14 days.

Because time is of the essence, the eBook has been focused around doing one small thing every day for 14 days, a great way to make small improvements to your website continuously and see great results quickly.

The eBook is completely free. All you need to do is head over to our download page and grab your copy.