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Landing Pages: What They Are, Why You Need Them, and How They Help SEO

We talk a lot about landing pages nowadays on the web. Landing pages have grown from being just an web analysis term to a successful technique for conversion optimization.

The best part is, it’s a win-win technique. Landing pages are efficient both for the website’s best interest, and for the user’s!

What is a landing page?

Where traditionally the term landing page referred strictly to the page where a user entered your website, a landing page today expands on that definition.

Landing pages are still where they user lands, but are now designed specifically to be highly targeted pages for some specific service or search term.

The goal of a landing page is to make the decision process easier. Instead of having to browse around the website, you enter on a page which clearly speaks to you, and you are presented with all the relevant details for you to make a purchase decision.

Why are landing pages so important?

Visitors are lazy. We all know that, if not from our own behavior. Also, we know that we don’t tend to browse around a website to convince ourselves why we should buy something. On the contrary, we expect the business to sell it to us, and convince us.

Here is one important answer to why landing pages work so well. They compile relevant information in a way that traditionally designed pages on websites never often did.

The concise but exhaustive nature of a landing page is ideal for users. Since a landing page can be designed both to be easily scanned, and to offer more information at will, we can cater to all types of buyers.

How do landing pages help SEO?

Landing pages help SEO specifically by being highly targeted. Since the easiest way (roughly speaking) to rank for a keyword on Google is by having a page which is strictly optimized for the given keyword, a landing page makes sense.

Essentially, we are exploiting the easy methods of ranking by creating one massive landing page that have a higher likelihood of meeting the criteria that Google uses (at least, what we think the criteria is) to rank pages as better or worse.


In summary, a landing page is just the term for a more extensive page that yes, a user lands on when entering your website. The landing page is highly targeted and optimized for conversion. This makes it effective and user friendly, while also appealing to search engines, enabling it to rank better in search results.