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How To Find Blog Post Ideas? Repurpose & Expand Your Existing Content

Finding ideas for blogging can be exhausting. You sit there, know that there is an article due tomorrow but you just can’t find anything good to write about.

In fact, that is exactly what your writer is doing right now. There are several tricks to get you out of this immediate problem of finding topics to write about, even when you have no apparent inspiration. One of these tricks is to repurpose your existing, old content.

Expand More On Brief Mentions

When we write articles or give lectures we are only given so much space. Most of the time, we all skip over some aspects that absolutely could be deserving of a whole piece on their own. In fact, cutting down is sometimes the biggest problem.

Here’s your goldmine. All of these “brief mentions” in other articles or lectures can serve as a great source for new content.

For example, if you’ve given a talk chances are good that almost ever slide could be turned into one or multiple blog posts. And every post you write could easily create at least one spin-off.

A Bonus, You Grow Readers by Internal Linking

An added bonus to growing your content library this way is that you can interlink your content. You will quickly reach a point where you find that you have written about a part of a topic before, and can link it and send the reader there.

Not only does this cut down on what you need to explain in a post, it makes the reader view more of your website. And it makes the reader think that your expertise is even greater.

Go Through and Update Old Articles Too

When you do go through and scan old posts and articles for content to repurpose or expand on, make sure to update them with links.

In fact, why stop there. Make sure to give them some updated wording now that you have another whole blog post dedicated to a topic that you just briefly touched on.

Before you know it, your blog will be filled with new, useful content that keeps to your theme, and engages your readers even more.