How automation helps businesses

Let me tell you about a recent conversion I had with one of our great clients over lunch a couple of weeks ago. It’s useful for everyone in business.

They have expanded their business rapidly over the past years, and  were at the edge of what they could manage manually. Most registers were kept in Excel and they were doing a lot of manual work. Invoices were sometimes incorrect (human error!) or even missing.

We started talking about ways which we could optimize their system. It didn’t take us long to realize that we could create a pretty good, automated process that would save a lot of time and money.

The automated solution we ended up with was this:

  • Customers can create and log in to their accounts online. From there they can see all invoices, change their account data and make and view appointments with the company.
  • When an appointment is made, it is automatically registered in the customer profile and for the company.

So far, nothing too exciting, right? This is were we make the important things happen:

  • Every month, we automatically pull the data from the system and invoice accordingly.
  • Invoices and payments are sent right to the book keeping software as they need to. No need for any extra book keeping work.
  • Through clever and automated notifications, customers feel that they have a closer relationship with the company.

As the company grows, we’ll be able to extend this to cover more areas. Ultimately, you get two big benefits:

  1. Saving time and money in the long run which frees up resources for more important work.
  2. Ensures that data transfer is always correct. Eliminates human data transfer errors.

If you’re interested, hit reply on the e-mail and let’s talk about how we could be automating tasks for your business too.

This post originally was sent as the october edition of our insights newsletter to our clients. Sent once a month, it gives our clients the condensed, key insights that they need in digital marketing.