Digital Marketing

Create More Effective Content Using Storytelling

We just can’t help it but love a good story. When we hear a story, something happens to our brains. We get excited. We listen. And we embrace the story.

Think about all the TV shows and movies you have watched. Some have likely connected deeper with you than others. Think back. After at least some of these, you feel like you too would be part of the story. You mimic the feelings and behaviors of the protagonists in the story.

Storytelling Allows us to Connect With the Reader

Through storytelling, we connect with the reader or listener. In an article in Harvard Business Review (2014) Paul J. Zak shares “Why Your Brain Loves Storytelling”. He shares bits from his scientific research, whose specific details I will spare you from here.

What matters here though, is the conclusion. By “developing tension through the narrative”, the story can sustain attention. When this happens, we are indeed likely to mimic the feelings and behaviors from the story. A very powerful thing.

Sharing Why Something Matters in a Human Way

Part of what makes storytelling work for content is that when we share a story, we also share why something matters in a bigger perspective. And we do this in a human way.

Whether you are selling something to a business or individual, it is still always going to be an individual who makes the decision. Appeal to them with your own story of why what you do matters, and they will get onboard much easier.

Writing Like You Talk Seals the Story

If research and past experiences has taught us anything about communicating in writing, it is that when we do it like we talk, it is much more effective. It seems more human. It seems personal. Just like your story.


Storytelling is the best way to grab your audience’s attention. Whether this is writing or speaking, we humans just can’t seem to pass on a good story. And when we can relate to the story, we form a stronger bond, much easier than with other methods.

Next time you need to write content, be it for a marketing campaign or a talk, try using storytelling. Tell your story, and take your audience for a ride with you.