Campaign Website Platform


Campaign Website Platform

Campaign website platform letting editors create beautiful mini-sites quickly without web skills.


Mar 2017

WPP is a world leader in advertising and marketing services, being one of the “Big Four” advertising agencies in the world. Their business area, “The Store at WPP” deals with advertising in a retail context, providing insights to the other companies in the WPP group.

The Store at WPP releases many reports, holds events and is generally very active. In addition, WPP releases reports on the most valuable brands in the world, and its regions every year.

All of this content needs a home. Creating small websites for all of these things can be both time consuming and expensive. We were tasked to create a platform that would allow an editor at WPP to create these mini-sites efficiently and quickly.

To be successful, we needed to find a way for an editor to both create a site easily, maintain it, and be able to design it without having to be knowledgeable in web design or web development.

Powering the campaign website platform for WPP is WordPress Multisite. It lets us run multiple independent sites, while sharing key infrastructure. This means the technical management is minimal, while satisfying the ease of creating sites quickly.

Powerful Custom Page Editing Experience

We crafted a carefully designed custom campaign theme for WPP called “Crux” which together with powerful custom modules create a custom page editing experience.

Editors create sections which can be added to the front page in any order. These sections come pre-set with fields and options to create a balance between speed and design options.

Helped by the preset design options and careful selection of appearances, editors are able to focus on content and having the system assist them with the website design.

For custom websites, the platform also supports the use of custom themes which build on, or completely deviate from, the core campaign theme. That’s the flexible power of WordPress Multisite.

Flexible Modules, Countdowns and E-Mail Signups

At the start of the project, we sat down together to envision a list of modules that the editor would need when building the page. During the project, we expanded this slightly and have worked continuously to add and tweak modules since then.

Editors can not only add general layout modules such as grids, info blocks, images and galleries. They can also choose from powerful modules such as a e-mail signup module and countdown.

The countdown is particularly effective for any kind of product launch, where the website modules can be set to appear and disappear at a certain date and time. Practical and time saving for the editor. Visitors’ user interface is enhanced with an optional countdown clock, for an ultimate behavioral experience.

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