Multilingual small-business website


Multilingual small-business website

A multilingual small-business website for leadership support company Pelago.


Oct 2020

Pelago, an executive search agency, came to us in the need of a new, professional website to reflect a grown-up and more mature brand.

Together with Pelago we reviewed their existing content and came up with a plan to refresh and rewrite it together. Content and design goes hand-in-hand and based on engaging templates, Pelago was able to craft engaging copy to reflect their business and service offering.

Pelago’s new website runs on our Company Cloud platform. For Pelago, this means that they needed to worry less about all the technical parts of a website, freeing up their limited time to keep the site up to date.

In the leadership support market in Sweden, being multilingual is an expectation. Not wanting to ignore Swedish, Pelago opted for a multilingual website. Thanks to the platform, managing language versions is a simple workflow.

After launching the website we’ve been working closely with Pelago not only providing the continuous updates to the platform but also providing digital strategy support and assistance.

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