WordPress Website for Leading Hosting Provider


WordPress Website for Leading Hosting Provider

Multilingual Website and Digital Strategy


Apr 2019

Oderland came to us as industry leaders. However, they felt their website no longer matched their premium hosting provider position.

With great growth, their development team had to focus their efforts on products and internal systems. Oderland needed us to help with a new website, and to advise on digital strategy and review the product offering and its packaging.

Oderland Mobile Screens

Rapid Performance

Pages are blazingly fast. Instead of hundreds of calls to the database, only a few are made per page. This, and their own infrastructure of course, is what allowed us to launch perhaps the quickest hosting website in Sweden.

Oderland is all about delivering quick, stable and trustworthy hosting to their customers. Their own website is now leading the way.

Oderland Gutenberg Editing WordPress

Smooth Editing Experience

We wanted to deliver a website that not only looked great and converted well, but was easy for the team to keep updated. The simpler the website is to update, the more often it’ll be updated. And that creates value for an organization.

With the new page editing experience (Gutenberg) we were able to build a series of bespoke blocks. Editing pages in WordPress has never been nicer. Instantly, the editor sees how the page is going to look, with inline editing.

To reach a global audience, the new website is completely multilingual.

Flexible Product Tables

Creating complicated comparison and pricing tables is a breeze, as is displaying them. Visitors quickly get detailed overviews of the services, on desktop, tablets and mobile.

Comparison Tables

Creating enhanced content pages

Every page is carefully crafted to give users clear overviews over products and services. Together with a simple, intuitive structure, finding your way around is easy.

Oderland Content Pages

Carefully Crafted Packaging

Oderland also asked us to think about the packaging and presentation of their services. Through a series of workshops and research, we settled on improved naming and packaging.

Oderland Packages
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