Public incident reporting platform


Public incident reporting platform

Development of a public incident platform with smart workflow features.


May 2022

Giving clear information during incidents is paramount to any company. For Oderland, a web hosting company, outages should be rare. When they happen, it is important that customers are able to get information.

As customers want information it is important to be able to give updates easily and quickly. During an outage Oderland is busy trying to mitigate and get the services back online as fast as possible.

To help, we built a bespoke incident reporting platform for Oderland powered by a Laravel (TALL) technology stack.

On the frontend customers are able to see current and past incidents and they will easily see if their services are affected. With real-time updates and the ability to subscribe, customers can always be kept in the loop.

For Oderland, the backend is optimized to be able to give quick and frequent updates to customers while taking as little time away from mitigation work as possible. Templates and reminders help give important updates at the right time.

With a full API, Oderland is able to integrate the management largely into other systems such as their client portal.

By running their own, self-hosted platform, Oderland is able to ensure full GDPR compliance as the data doesn’t leave infrastructure in Sweden.

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