Exploring Swedish Lifestyle from a Local Perspective

West Sweden Tourist Board

Exploring Swedish Lifestyle from a Local Perspective

Bespoke community website for Meet the Locals.


Dec 2017

The West Sweden Tourist Board has many initiatives, one of them being Meet the Locals where visitors can sign up to meet a local and share an experience together.

With their main website being restructured, Meet the Locals needed a new home. At the same time, Meet the Locals wanted to bring a better community feel to the website, creating a platform that enables communication.

We created a website with WordPress as a platform. On it, visitors can sign up to meet locals, or to become locals themselves.

On the site, users can browse through locals who offer individual experiences. Locals are able to create and maintain their profiles themselves through the platform.

When a visitor finds a local they are interested in, they can send a meeting request which the local receives and can approve or decline. The visitor and the local can also communicate privately and securely through the website without having to share their personal contact details, before making a decision.

The website also offers deep administrative support with a complete overview and maintenance for all parts of the website.

Additionally the website is offered in two languages with users and administrators collaborating seemlessly on the translation process, depending on the type of content.

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