Online home for artist and educator

Maja på Näset

Online home for artist and educator

A digital home for artist Maja Larsson featuring e-commerce and an e-learning portal.


Aug 2020

Maja Larsson, or Maja på Näset as she calls herself, is an artist and educator. She got in touch with us to refresh her online home. And we are not just talking about a blog here.

Together with Maja’s own, beautiful illustrations and photos, we created a fun design that gets out of the way and puts her artwork front-and-center.

In the online store, Maja is able to sell her artwork as well as online courses. Customers can pay conveniently via credit card through Stripe, which offers a clean interface while having the business integrations to make the business side of the transaction simple and financially easy to manage.

Maja’s new website also features a complete e-learning portal. Sign up online and take the self-paced course to learn together with Maja.

The website itself is powered by our Company Cloud platform, giving Maja powerful editing tools to work on her website continuously and publish beautiful content.

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