Modernizing the Book Keeping Industry


Modernizing the Book Keeping Industry

Bespoke company website following a thorough rebranding.


Feb 2017

Keeper was in process of rebranding and launching under a new name. We took part in their project to assist with the development of the new website.

Looking back, Keeper had a tradition of a strong service offering, providing book keeping and business administration services to their clients. The old website was just that, old and did not mirror the quality of services that Keeper offers.

Keeper’s good reputation means its biggest challenge wasn’t attracting new clients, but attracting new talent. In a business administration world that is going digital quickly, Keeper wanted to be in the forefront, rather than left behind.

At the same time, as a small business, Keeper has limited resources for their website. Restrictions on the amount of content you can produce with finite time presents a challenge.

Thus, we had three primary objectives. First, ensure that the site reflected the quality of services to clients. Second, create a flexible content structure that Keeper can continue to expand. Third, make Keeper look attractive as an employer and embrace the digital era.

Following an extensive review of the goals and challenges, we set out to realize the vision of a new, digital home for Keeper.

A Flexible, Friendly Design

The resulting design is simple but colorful and friendly. In an industry where clients usually find photos of happy, smiling people or unrelated general business images we opted for Illustrations with supplemental imagery where possible.

It goes without saying that mobile devices are crucial in the web world today. So too for Keeper. Their new website is completely responsive, performing excellently across the myriad of devices.

A Modular WordPress Implementation

WordPress was chosen as the content management system largely owing to its flexible nature and ease of use. We constructed a content workflow for Keeper that intuitively lets them work with content on their own and keep the site up to date.

Keeper joins the many clients who are happy with a custom, UX-focused editing workflow that we craft using the standard WordPress tools.

Content Once

Using a “Content Once” methodology, the website is heavily modular. Content should only be editable in one place and then be pulled in to be visible where necessary.

To make the website quick to update for an editor whose job includes many more things than managing a website, we focused streamlined input flows with content types.

By having input templates and pre-defined fields where reasonable, the editor saves valuable time and can trust the website to display their content beautifully at all times.

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