Information website for national organization


Information website for national organization

Informational website with dynamic members directory.


Feb 2022

FSUM – the Society for Swedish Youth Centers – had an older website which needed a refresh. Their website serves a simple purpose, to provide resources and communicate with members across Sweden.

We worked closely together with FSUM to restructure their content. A great site architecture is important. It not only lets visitors find information easier, but it helps the organization when adding to the website continously.

The new FSUM website is based on our Company Cloud platform. The platform gives FSUM the possibilities of managing their content easily and build engaging pages without web design skills.

Rooted in their brand identity, we came up with a modern design with a professional and serious feel. The use of illustrations and colors makes the website come alive while reducing the need for cliché stock photos.

To promote members and showcase the breadth of the organization, we came up with an interactive members directory and map. However, for a smaller organization keeping addresses up to date is a monumental task.

By integrating the directory with Google we were able to automate the directory, reducing maintenance burden while still providing visitors with an engaging and highly useful directory. In addition, individual pages for each member provide additional organic SEO visibility for the organization.

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