Building a Brand Locally and Globally

West Sweden Tourist Board

Building a Brand Locally and Globally

A beautiful brand platform showcase and campaign extranet.


Apr 2015

That having an elegant and well crafted brand platform is important is something that the Tourist Board of West Sweden realized.

As part of their project to get communes, companies and organizations on board with the branding of West Sweden, they envisioned an easily accessible website where trusted users could download and experience the brand platform and its resources.

Beautiful, responsive design

For the tourist board, we designed a gorgeous brand platform website very much in line with their graphical manual and branding that works nicely and responsively on any device. The design clearly showcases what is possible to create with the platform at first glance.

The website, built with a custom WordPress Multisite installation, offers registered users the option to read and experience the brand as well as download material and resources to use themselves.

Advanced WordPress Multisite for Ease-of-Use

Because the brand exists in two different versions, each needing its own branding, we oped for a WordPress multisite solution. This means, that users only need to have one account, but get access to both platforms simultaneously. The solution lets the tourist board keep the content of the two websites, as well as branding, completely separate.

The extensive media gallery, with images that registered users may freely search and download, only needs to be updated once however. A custom integration was created to allow the two sites in WordPress multisite to share the gallery data, minimizing editor headaches and simplifying workflows.

Easily updated internally

A brand is a living thing and because of this, the website needed to be easily updatable for the employees at the tourist board. While WordPress itself is easy to work with, we spend extra time on designing intuitive administration flows that makes it easy to upload and edit material.

Because it may be a while between the times when the editor needs to update the materials on the website, we, in addition to a workshop at launch, created a series of simple guides that any editor can pick up at any time and be refreshed on how to work with a specific section of the site.

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