Global data analytics platform


Global data analytics platform

A global platform for data analysis available to WPPs 130 000 employees worldwide.


May 2021

After relaunching BAV as its global brand analytics platform, BAV (part of WPP) came to us with a request: A way to make data easily accessible to all of their 130 000 employees worldwide.

Together with the BAV team’s analytics and data expertise we developed a bespoke global data analytics platform built on a Laravel and Livewire stack. A tech stack that enables us to move fast while creating features that empower users.

The data platform integrates with WPPs single-sign on system which is driven by Okta. This streamlines access control for all various WPP-owned companies.

On the platform users are able to access the BAV data in many different formats. From raw data to visualizations that can be downloaded in several different formats, including branded PowerPoint presentations.

Users across the group are also able to access data via the complete API, allowing them to create their own adaptations and analysis, integrated into day-to-day production tools.

To enable additional innovation we have developed an app platform concept for BAV, where the data analytics platform acts like a central hub. This gives WPP group companies the ability to innovate on data and analytics, without the development and design overhead of having to create separate tools.

We are working continuously with BAV and WPP to drive innovation in and increase the features offered by its global data analytics platform.

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