Tailored E-Commerce for Trade Shows and Campaign


Tailored E-Commerce for Trade Shows and Campaign

Campaign e-commerce platform for targeted sales campaigns to store owners.


Sep 2017

Axfood Närlivs, a grocery supplier for mini supermarkets in Sweden, has had a major goal to become more digital. One of their important sales channels to stores has been special campaigns.

Previously, this has been done through physical trade shows. These require a lot of resources and takes valuable time from store owners to attend.

By turning the trade show digital, store owners can instead log on and order campaign items during a limited time. A store owner for a mini supermarket is busy, setting high requirements on the design and ease-of-use.

The campaign platform that we have developed for Axfood Närlivs is built on the same foundation as the web platform we built for WPP but with added E-Commerce functionality.

Simple administrative interface for Axfood Närlivs

Editors at Axfood Närlivs can easily create new campaigns to populate with content and products through an intuitive web interface.

Together with a bespoke automated setup workflow, the editor doesn’t need to set any complex technical settings when creating a new campaign. Their time can instead be spent building a better campaign.

No code or technical knowledge is required. The website will automatically render beautifully in a responsive setting, adapting to all devices such as desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Built on WordPress anf WooCommerce

Behind the scenes, the platform is powered by WordPress Multisite and the leading e-commerce plugin WooCommerce.

WooCommerce gives us a flexible and competent e-commerce system. The flow and feature set has been heavily adapted to fit the bespoke case and needs of Axfood Närlivs. Adapting the features is, however, easy thanks to the flexibility of WooCommerce.

Integration with SAP, Axfood Närlivs’ ERP system

Products and orders can be imported and exported from the business system SAP. All orders are therefore sent directly into the usual order flow for Axfood, without any additional manual work.

Thanks to the SAP integration when importing products editors can quickly populate a new campaign with products and its data.

Powerful analysis with Google Analytics

Through Google Tag Manager Axfood Närlivs is able to add their own tracking codes when they need to. Additionally, they can set different tracking codes and profiles for each campaign.

As a statistics tool Google Analytics, together with the E-Commerce data from the campaign platform, provides an overview into how customers act on the website. Axfood Närlivs kan also see in-depth statistics about the sales.

In connection with internal campaign reporting tools on the platform, Axfood Närlivs is able to see detailed sales statistics about the campaign.

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